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General Body Meetings

Monday's 6PM

Fall Semester

Prime was founded to provide Penn State marketing students with unique learning
experiences they can’t get in the classroom. Throughout the fall's semester meetings, students will gain exposure to industry experts, work on a team project, and engage in skill-building activites. Space to speak at one of our meetings is rather limited, as we only host 12 per semester. The executive board chooses speakers based on whom they feel most aligns with the educational objectives planned for each meeting. If this format interests you, we’d love to be in touch.

“Forging a Career in Branding” Panel

Fall Semester

Prime hosts an annual panel to explore how Penn State students can forge a career in
branding. A diverse mix of industry leaders come together to discuss the brands they
represent and their own careers in the field. This event traditionally benefits from a large
turnout, as it is open to all of Smeal. A networking reception follows or procedes the panel to
allow participants to meet the panelists.

Professional Development Project

Fall Semester

The Professional Development Project encourages students to explore the world of marketing and branding. The project is made to inspire students to look at the intricacies of marketing strategies and brand identity creation. Organization members will collaborate in groups and work together to create a presentation that showcases their understanding of their chosen company and how marketing principles are applied in its context. Through this hands-on-experience, students will not only enhance their overall marketing knowledge but also gain valuable insights into the importance of effective marketing strategies and the role of a strong brand identity in the competitive business world.

MKTG 495A Practicum Course

Spring Semester

Curriculum integration is a hallmark of the Prime organization. At its core, the MKTG 495A
course is a brand management practicum course taught by faculty advisor Professor Jennifer
Coupland. We call it "the internship before the internship" because it is unlike any other
marketing course in Smeal. Students have the opportunity to work with impactful consumer
goods companies and ad agencies on current and real-world marketing projects! This
project-based class gives students an entire semester to analyze, ideate, and transform their
findings into a solution. The course culminates in a final presentation given to agency
mentors and brand representatives. 

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